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Do you run a CBD outlet and are looking for a supplier who can deliver large quantities? Discover our exclusive wholesale range.

Welcome to the unlimited world of Pro4You CBD products, where each one of our non-refined items has been carefully selected, attentively packaged , made using the latest technology and inspected by CBD experts.

Pro4You CBD is the number 1 partner in Europe when it comes to CBD wholesale. Pro4You supplies CBD to outlets across Europe. Our outstanding quality has left our customers satisfied, as well as our range of products that is regularly updated, our special offers and attractive prices.

Whether you are a physical CBD boutique or an online shop, if you are looking for a reliable European partner, Pro4You CBD could be your long-term ally: offering your high-quality, fast, well-priced and original services.

Thanks to the heavy support you will receive from Pro4You CBD, you will have access to a commercial advisor who will guide you in your choice of CBD products but also to find the best business plan for your outlet. With the expertise that Pro4You CBD can share, you can rest assured that your range of CBD products will be high-quality and diverse.

Choose the best products for your customers

Pro4You CBD, the online wholesale CBD retailer offers a range of products that conform to UK and European regulations and that are delivered with their relevant certificate of laboratory analysis.

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Pro4you CBD Wholesaler Advantages

Pro4Your CBD guarantees a noticeable improvement of your turnover, meaning more profit. Thanks to our amazing offers of wholesale CBD products, you will start saving money from your first order which you can reinvest in your business, or just simply enjoy the extra income. The Pro4You wholesale deals are the best on the market! So start saving money today !

Here are some of the advantages you can expect when you work with Pro4You CBD:

  • Low minimum quantity: our flexible attitude means that you can start off with small orders and only increase the amount if you are completely satisfied ! With CBD flower buds, you can order as little as 200g !
  • Large stock available: Our stock is unlimited! That means you can order large quantities of CBD flower buds (10Kg or even more)
  • Attractive prices: We offer some of the best prices on the wholesale CBD market.
  • Standardised products: Products are delivered with their certificate of analysis from the European test laboratory.
  • Outstanding quality: Our range of products can guarantee you among the highest quality CBD products in the UK and Europe.
  • Diversity of CBD products: You can target a wide range of customers thanks to our range of CBD products, from the best-known to the rarest flowers, oils, resins, e-liquid, pastilles, crystals, food products (cookies, tea, chocolate, chewing gum, sweets, fizzy drinks), wax and even everything you need for vaping…
  • Variety of CBD equipment: We also stock a large range of CBD equipment that you could sell in your outlet (vape pens, pipes…)
  • Personalised support/advice: You can receive the personalized support of a salesperson who will give you information about the products and ensure your stocks are always full.
  • Delivery time: Our fast delivery time will guarantee that you will never run out of products in your shop. Exceptional packaging : Our team packs every wholesale CBD order with the utmost care, for a smooth and hassle-free delivery process.

European origin ! Our CBD products are grown in Switzerland, Italy and France.
In order to fulfill your expectations, our online shop will provide the information you need to order wholesale CBD products. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us using our online form or by telephone. We would be happy to give you more information and to guide you through your choices.

Why wait? Choose Pro4You CBD, a partner who takes care of CBD boutiques!