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Discover our selection of Wholesale CBD Oils at the Best Price. You have the option to order different quantities of oil from a batch of 10 10ml bottles. The level of THC present in CBD oils is 0% according to the European Union law. As for the CBD content, it varies from 5% to 20% through 10% and 15%. Delivery is FREE with no minimum purchase. Upon receipt of your payment, your order is delivered within 48/72 hours depending on your place of delivery anywhere in the Schengen Area.
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CBD oil is, without a doubt, one of the favorite products among consumers. And for good reason, it is one of the easiest CBD products to use. Accessible to all, CBD oil comes in a bottle with a pipette to simplify the dosage. Ideal for soothing your aches and pains in moments, CBD oil is packed with benefits for your body and mind.

The properties of CBD oil

The CBD oils presented to you have the particularity of being 100% natural. To reveal its flavors but also its many benefits, an oil enriched with CBD must not be provided with any chemical additive.

The CBD oil as it is conceived is itself issued from a mixture. This mixture is intended to be perfectly organic and does not alter the effects of CBD. This one will express its effects more willingly by being mixed with oils that best correspond to its benefits.

Sold in bottles, CBD oils are concentrates of CBD drawn from crystals mixed with natural vegetable oils. Not all oils are equal in the sense that they do not include the same level of CBD in their composition. It is indeed possible to have CBD oils with 10% CBD or even others with 30% if not more. The most important thing is that the level of THC is always less than 0.2% in order to comply with European standards in force.

Sometimes terpenes are present in these oils. As with CBD, these terpenes are derived from hemp and mixed into a concoction whose aroma will only be more exquisite. The benefits of CBD will then be mixed with those of an intoxicating scent whose taste you can choose.

There are various varieties of CBD oils. Some being suitable for culinary blends as could be condiments, and others even being designed specifically for animals. A product with multiple applications that will not fail to satisfy the expectations of everyone. Moreover, there are as many CBD oils as there are flavors to match your tastes.

The benefits of CBD oil

You can choose one CBD oil over another because of its properties. Indeed, it is not only the taste of CBD oils that varies, but also their benefits. These can then lend themselves to relaxation or even therapeutic purposes.

Whether you want to relax, or eliminate mental tension and promote concentration, CBD oils will help improve your daily life. In addition, a CBD oil will be able to give you the benefit of its anxiolytic, anti-inflammatory and anti-stress characteristics.

In fact, CBD is known to soothe nerves as well as most pains, whether they are muscular, bone or joint. CBD oil can be used to reduce the symptoms of seizure disorders, soothe stress and anxiety, promote appetite, restore good moods, or even enjoy a deep and restful sleep. No matter what you want to use CBD oil for, you'll soon be surprised by the wealth of benefits.

CBD oil consumption patterns

Equipped with a pipette so you can dose your CBD oil with a drip, the bottle is an ideal format for beginners. If you've never used CBD before, you'll find that using the oil is definitely the most instinctive. Adjust the dosage according to your body type and experience with CBD.

There is no risk of overdosing with CBD. Nevertheless, you may reduce the effectiveness of CBD if you take a lot the first time. For optimal long-term effects, we recommend starting with the smallest possible dose, 1 to 5 drops per dose. If needed, increase the doses gradually over the weeks.

For relaxing effects that appear within minutes, pour a few drops of CBD oil directly under your tongue. By going sublingually, CBD passes through the mucous membranes of the mouth and reaches the bloodstream more quickly. As a result, the relaxing effects are apparent within 10 minutes of administration.

For relaxing effects that are long-lasting, you can incorporate CBD oil into your culinary preparations and hot drinks. To do this, consider adding fat to your recipes to release the active ingredients of CBD. The relaxing effects will take longer to manifest because CBD must pass through the digestive system.

Finally, CBD oil can be incorporated into your usual cosmetic products. For example, in your creams, in your care, or in your shampoos. Just like a classic essential oil, CBD oil can be used to enhance your daily beauty and well-being routine. To do this, simply pour a few drops of CBD oil into your usual products, and you're done!