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CBD Flower Amnesia Indoor


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  • THC : 0.2%

The must-have CBD flower Amnesia Indoor

Amnesia Indoor is a CBD flower to have in your inventory at all costs!

A potent flower that markets itself with ease, Amnesia Indoor is a favourite among CBD insiders. Rich in flavour, offering a balance of effects hard to find in other CBD flowers, it is the gem of all CBD shops.

Created from a cross between Asian and Jamaican varieties, this CBD-rich flower offers many aesthetic and energising virtues. A crossbreed that gives rise to characteristics unique to sativas, including providing power and arousal.

The energising balance of the Amnesia Indoor flower

Amnesia Indoor flower has an incredible panel of cannabinoids that makes it a flower with the perfect balance between pleasant soothing and energizing boost. More energizing than relaxing, it is ideal to use throughout the day to get in a good mood and enjoy an even more creative and sharp mind than usual.

With Amnesia Indoor, consumers enjoy therapeutic benefits to their stress, anxiety attacks and mood swings, while gaining energy that enables them to accomplish more tasks throughout the day, especially at work, stay focused and motivated, without experiencing uncomfortable stress.

With the unique Amnesia Indoor product, CBD shops allow their customers to have a flower to always have in their collection, a guaranteed award winning product internationally, and an alternative to overly soothing CBD flowers, which are more for relaxing evenings. With Amnesia, they will always have the choice of a flower that activates the neurons!

The powerful aromas of the Amnesia CBD flower

The Amnesia Indoor variety is rich in very powerful tastes and scents compared to other CBD flowers. In fact, this highly invasive plant offers a delicious scent of citrus notes. There are aromas of lemon, with fruity and woody notes.

Consumers find it unique and love it. A classic with a great international reputation, so we recommend ordering in large quantities!

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