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CBD Resin Afghan Gold 10% - 50g

  • CBD : 10%
  • THC : 0.09%
  • Poids : 50g

Description of CBD Afghan Gold Resin 10%

CBD Afghan Gold resin is the most potent and popular CBD resin, loved by CBD enthusiasts and new users alike.

Also known as Afghan hashish, Afghan Gold resin comes from a hybrid Afghan Kush plant and has a reputation for providing powerful effects once consumed. Its production indeed allows a high concentration of CBD and therefore very pronounced properties and effects, for the pleasure of consumers. Also, covered in gold leaf, Afghan Gold resin impresses with its atypical look.This resin is easy to resell as its consumers are already won over!

This resin has a THC level of less than 0.2%. It therefore complies with European laws. It is recommended to consume it as an infusion or vaporization in order to enjoy all its flavours.

The resin of the CB resin is a very good choice for the consumer.Afghan Gold CBD resin is a must-have CBD product to have in your inventory.

The benefits of CBD Afghan Gold 10% resin

CBD Afghan Gold resin is known for providing effects that are hard to find in other cannabis products. It is a unique product that offers all the effects of cannabidiol, and works faster by reaching the body more effectively.

Thanks to the therapeutic benefits of CBD Afghan Gold resin, quality of life improves, with less stress in daily life, fewer anxiety attacks but also a more positive state of mind in general.

Moreover, on a medical level, CBD Afghan Gold resin relieves physical symptoms such as inflammations, chronic pain or pain related to arthritis.Finally, CBD Afghan Gold resin is known to alleviate sleep problems and soothe tension.

The flavours of CBD Afghan Gold 10% resin

CBD resins have mild but pronounced aromas. The aroma of Afghan Gold resin is pungent, spicy, aromatic and robust. This resin has a distinct and very spicy smell, but it does not interfere with consumption.

To wit: CBD resin is consumed by infusion or inhalation and is best suited for those accustomed to fast-acting, concentrated CBD products.

Organic product, from Italy.

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