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CBD Flower Pop Corn Outdoor

From 200g to 10kg 

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  • THC : 0.2%

The Pop Corn Outdoor CBD flower variety

The Pop Corn variety of hemp flowers is a quirky plant worth trying.

This plant has smaller buds than conventional CBD flower buds. The advantage is that despite their concentrated size, Pop Corn buds have the same potency and effects as standard flower buds.

This assortment of small flowers is an ideal product for people who want to consume CBD in large quantities, with the same effects as regular variety CBD flowers, but with a much smaller budget.

In fact, the attractiveness of the price of CBD Pop Corn flowers is unbeatable on the market and Pro4You CBD offers you the best assortments, at the best price!

The composition of CBD Pop Corn Outdoor flowers

CBD Pop Corn Outdoor flowers are composed of cannabidiol (CBD), but also terpenes, other cannabinoids and flavonoids. They have a CBD potency of between 5% and 20% and are generally valued for the quality of their active compounds, despite their position as a subcategory of standard CBD flowers.

Actually, they are considered the weeds of CBD, the ones that prevent others from growing. However, being consumed in large quantities by CBD consumers, they nonetheless have a very high sales potential and premium status.

The surprising effects of CBD Pop Corn Outdoor flowers

The effects of Pop Corn flowers vary depending on their composition, but overall they are very powerful and provide incredible physical and psychic sensations within minutes.

First of all, Pop Corns are known to put one in a good mood. They soothe tension and bring the consumer into a pleasant state of fullness, both during the day and in the evening. They also combat moderate symptoms of depression, paranoia or anxiety. Overall, they are excellent for achieving a zen-like state of mind.

Popularity is also an important factor in the development of the mind.

Also, Pop Corns soothe the body by relaxing the muscles and they quietly prepare for sleep.

An important product to have in your shop, in addition to other flowers, Pop Corns are flowers that will sell in large quantities, and will get customers used to coming back to your shop regularly for supplies. Not to be neglected!

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