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CBD Flower Indoor Diesel Tonic

The legendary Indoor Diesel Tonic CBD flower ensures a perfect combo of deep relaxation and joyful mood, for the pleasure of consumers who like to change their minds and try new things. 

The variety of Indoor CBD Diesel Tonic Flower 

A Sativa variety, the CBD Diesel Tonic flower is a unique hybrid variety whose ancestry is the NYC Diesel CBD and the very famous Cannatonic, which is distinguished by its large resin-filled buds that produce a concentrate high in CBD. CBD flower offers a unique blend of aromas that combines undertones of citrus and sweet flavors. 

Coming from a Diesel strain which is not famous for offering aromas, it is however boosted by its coupling to Cannatonic whose aroma is simply excellent and very appreciated by consumers.

The Appearance and Flavors that Indoor Diesel Tonic CBD Flower Offers Diesel

Tonic stands out from other hemp strains for its attractive appearance. Its flowers are well formed, of good size and very dense in CBD. Its forest green color and its many highly visible pistils make this hemp plant sublime and impressive for consumers.

Flavor-wise, the CBD Diesel Tonic is impressive. It has a generous exotic taste. Its notes of berries and wood, as well as its sweet background make it a product that consumers do not want to do without. It is soft and very pleasant on a daily basis.

The benefits of Indoor Diesel Tonic CBD flower

The Diesel Tonic is ideal for great moments of gentle relaxation, without shaking too much. It is not aggressive and allows you to continue the daily tasks of the day. 

The Diesel Tonic flower is also an excellent pain reliever. Many consumers use it to relieve body pain and relax muscle tension.

Important note, this flower is quite dehydrating and requires drinking a lot of water throughout the day during which it is consumed.

A soft and relaxing product with important therapeutic benefits, to have in your shop!

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