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Harlequin Greenhouse Indoor CBD Flower

The Harlequin variety is a classic in the world of CBD, which consists of several other powerful and very fine varieties in the mouth. Harlequin is a colorful and energetic CBD flower that should not be underestimated. A jewel to offer to its customers!

Harlequin Greenhouse Indoor CBD Flower Variety

Grown indoors, this CBD flower is the descendant of at least four different CBD flower varieties. Savvy consumers know it, the Harlequin is an incredible flower with a thousand facets. Its roots are composed of 4 varieties which are: Colombian Gold, a Nepalese Indica, CBD Thai and an important Swiss endemic variety in the Sativa family. Thanks to this diversity of origins, the Harlequin CBD flower offers a palette of unique and highly appreciated aromas. Let's dissect the famous flavors of this colorful strain.

The flavors of the Harlequin Greenhouse Indoor CBD

flower Light green in color, the Harlequin Greenhouse CBD flower is covered with orange pistils. It has very beautiful buds dense in resin and voluminous. Its appearance makes it a pretty flower but also a flower full of aromas. 

Indeed, its flavors are as varied as its origins. It is difficult to detect all the subtleties of the Harlequin in a single take. You have to consume it several times and appreciate all the nuances it has to offer. At the first intake, the flower offers notes of spicy red fruits and a very pronounced woody taste. We can even say that it has the taste of forest fruits. It also has a sweet aftertaste that consumers particularly appreciate.

The Therapeutic Benefits of Harlequin Greenhouse Indoor CBD Flower

The Harlequin is ideal for spending some time relaxing and relieving physical ailments and ailments. Indeed, it provides significant physical and psychological well-being, which consumers love. Without any psychotic effect, Harlequin relieves people suffering from work stress, joint pain or insomnia. Ideal for consumption at the end of the day.

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