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CBD Oil 20% Full Spectrum NEROBI - 10ml


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  • CBD : 20%
  • THC : 0%

The effectiveness of CBD 20% Full Spectrum oil on the body

With CBD 20% Full Spectrum oil, you will benefit from natural and healthy virtues for the body and mind. You will be more soothed, relieved and serene in your daily life. Decreased pain and sleep disorders, peace of mind in the face of stressful events, increased creativity and improved concentration are among the many effects of CBD. You can experience them all thanks to the full spectrum of Nerobi oil. It is obtained from a combination of cannabinoids allowing an effective entourage effect. The latter is the key to being able to get a CBD oil with positive benefits on your whole body.

Daily uses of 20% Full Spectrum CBD oil

To use your Nerobi CBD oil and feel the full effects, you can place a few drops under your tongue. Wait a minute to make sure you assimilate it to the maximum. You can then adapt the dosage according to your needs and your feeling. You can use a larger amount when you want intense relief, or use less and more often for effects throughout the day. In one bottle you will have about 200 drops of 10mg CBD. You can also incorporate this 20% Full Spectrum CBD oil into your cosmetics, cooking or e-liquids.

The features of Nerobi brand products

The products of the French brand Nerobi, including this CBD 20% Full Spectrum oil, are made in Italy. They therefore comply with European legislation and legal THC levels. Here, it is 0% for this oil, so you will not feel any side effect when using it. On the contrary, you will only benefit from the positive virtues of CBD mainly thanks to the broad spectrum obtained by a combination of cannabinoids created by the brand. You are thus guaranteed to feel a general and effective soothing. Moreover, with this 100% natural and plant-based oil, you won't have any bad taste in your mouth making it even more pleasant to use!

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