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Résine CBD Charas 10%

  • CBD : 10%
  • THC : 0.06%
  • Poids : 100g

Resin How is CBD Charas 10% Resin made?

This cannabidiol resin is a quality natural organic product, made from hemp buds. Here the variety of hemp used is charas, a unique derivative of the plant, native to the Himalayas and renowned for its intense aromatic bouquet. CBD Charas 10% resin has a unique olfactory signature and it reveals pronounced fragrances of mint and fruit, with spicier woody notes and a touch of earth. 

CBD resin is obtained by a thermal process that extracts a liquid rich in cannabidiol from fresh flowers still in bud. It is then dried to form the resin. It appears as a dark colored paste that is both sticky and easily malleable.

Its 10% CBD concentration allows you to benefit from the relaxing and therapeutic effects of the plant on a daily basis and helps you reduce the symptoms of stress and anxiety. The resin packaging offers a higher concentration of CBD than the presentation in oil or the direct consumption of flowers.

On the other hand, it does not contain THC and therefore does not risk exposing you to psychoactive effects. You benefit from the relaxation and benefits of cannabidiol in complete peace of mind without the risk of addiction or annoying side effects.

The properties of CBD Charas 10% 

resin CBD Charas 10% resin has powerful therapeutic effects on both body and mind. Charas indeed has an authentic terpene profile and is particularly rich in terpenes.

It helps to limit the number and frequency of anxiety attacks, it reduces anxiety and stress, brings relaxation and calm. During the day, it is ideal for calming down and relaxing. It has beneficial effects for falling asleep and the quality of sleep and improves physical condition and recovery after exercise. CBD resin is also very effective against severe psychological conditions such as post-traumatic syndromes, obsessive-compulsive disorders and it is also said to have antipsychotic properties.

CBD is also effective in relieving chronic pain thanks to its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. Research has also shown antiepileptic effects.

How to consume CBD Charas 10% resin?

CBD resin can be consumed in different ways. You can heat it up and add it to food preparations in the kitchen. 

It is also possible to taste it as an infusion, with hot water. It is recommended in this case to add a fatty substance to allow the cannabinoids to be distributed correctly in the infusion. You can choose to use milk, a vegetable drink or even a little oil, such as coconut oil for example. Let the fat dissolve completely before enjoying your drink.

Charas CBD resin can also be used in a vaporizer to be inhaled.

To store it properly, it is important to protect it from humidity and direct sunlight. You can wrap it or place it in an airtight container to preserve its texture and properties.

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