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Discover our CBD vaporizers at the best value on the web - enjoy the attractive benefits of vaping for a more enjoyable vape experience! 

Taste the true pleasure of CBD with quality equipment at the best price in the vape market! 

Revive your outdoor vaping sessions discreetly with our nomadic vaporizers

The CBD vaporizer strongly resembles a classic electronic cigarette, except for its tank. Larger, it is designed to hold CBD e-liquid but also scented CBD flowers, resin, wax, compressed pollen, cannabidiol isolates etc. What's very convenient is that you can both fill it with your own blends or else buy ready-made e-liquids, like the ones we sell on our website. 

All our vaporizers fit in your pocket and combine style, sturdiness as well as efficiency:

  • The CBD APX Wax vaporizer, very compact and powerful;
  • The ATMOS Kiln RA A5 Grunge Black CBD vaporizer, strong with a stylish design;
  • The ATMOS Kiln RA Stylized Kit A6 Cracked White vaporizer, durable and unmatched. 
  • The PULSAR Go Series Wax/Smocker Vaporizer, the perfect two-in-one for the undecided or CBD epicurean.

How is cannabinoid vaping superior to other modes of CBD consumption? 

If vaping is growing in popularity it is because it is far superior to other modes of CBD consumption.

Make money and save your lungs as well as your wallet

Vaporizing cannabidiol allows for greater bioavailability. The amount of CBD absorbed is then greater, for the same dose of product. This will have the rather cool consequences of saving you money in the long run, while optimizing the effects of the products consumed. 

With our vaporizers, be sure to get the most out of light cannabis with every vape session and make your investment pay off quickly.

For a pure and healthy vape

Vaporization has the big advantage that you don't need to use the combustion process to consume your CBD products. So using a vaporizer doesn't put your respiratory system at risk or your health. Unlike combustion, using a vaporizer does not burn the herb and that's the difference! The vaporizer simply heats your product to a temperature that activates the cannabinoids and terpenes in the plant. These are then released as a vapor to inhale.

100% safe, 100% clean, the vapor you inhale contains no carbon monoxide, tar or any other harmful toxins while the smoke from burned cannabis contains about 88% non-cannabinoid particles. On the one hand, combustion destroys the majority of the interesting substances but on the other hand, it creates potentially harmful particles. However, be sure that the vaporized CBD vapor will contain 95% cannabinoids, with the remainder corresponding to a single PAH and caryophyllene - a harmless essential oil found naturally in many other plants as well.

Deal with the best compromise for your health! 

Opt for the gentle method and maximize the effects of CBD

Consuming CBD in the form of vaping is not only the healthiest way to enjoy all of its benefits but also the most effective. You will only need a few puffs, to feel the first effects. Whether you need to feel more creative and inspired, more relaxed and chilled out, or even calmed... you have everything you need on our store to meet your needs and fulfill your cravings of the moment. 

A dosage mastered to perfection

Vaporization allows you to access perfect dosage control to easily achieve your desired effect. Choose one of our modern vaporizers for evenly vaporized herb that retains all its quality.

Why choose us to supply you with CBD vaporizers? 

With Pro4You, you can order quality CBD products at wholesale prices that are the best on the web. Backed by our professionalism and competitive offerings, we have been supplying the largest CBD e-shops in the US since 2018. Among the many benefits offered to our valued customers, there is no minimum purchase to reach in order to enjoy free shipping. Very reactive, we deliver the ordered products directly to your home or to the collection point of your choice, via Colissimo, if you live in the USA, within 48 to 72 hours, from the full receipt of payment. Regarding other European countries of the Schengen Area, we make home deliveries, with GLS, in 48 to 72 hours and free of charge as well.