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Discover our selection of Wholesale CBD e-liquids at the Best Price. You have the option to order different quantities of e-liquid starting from 100mg to 1000mg for 10ml. The THC content in CBD e-liquids is 0% in accordance with the European Union law. Delivery is FREE with no minimum purchase. Upon receipt of your payment, your order is delivered within 48/72 hours depending on your place of delivery anywhere in the Schengen Area.
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Safe vaping with quality e-liquids without breaking the bank is possible at Pro4you! 

Discover our range of e-liquids Greeneo enriched with CBD for a unique experience and maximum sensations. We are committed to offering our customers the best vaping at the best price, so they can enjoy themselves without paying full price. In order to make the customer experience as pleasant as possible, we deliver directly to your home or to a relay point, in 48 to 72H, in the USA and Europe (Schengen Area) and this, free of charge.

With Pro4you, we are proud to be able to provide you with a wide range of CBD e-liquids at great prices

As surprising as it is effective, CBD is a molecule derived from the hemp plant that never ceases to turn heads, so much it contributes to the daily well-being of its consumers! Referred to as "cannabis light," cannabidiol has almost nothing but benefits as it promotes both relaxation and calming, without you having to suffer the psychoactive effects of its cousin molecule, THC. 

CBD is consumed in various forms, ranging from CBD oil, to wax and crystals, as well as through some cosmetics but it is primarily in its e-liquid version dedicated to vape, that it is most appreciated. Very popular for some time now by French users, it is also the first product to have been legalized in the country.

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Greeneo is THE French brand of CBD products with intense terpenes, pioneer in the field of cannabidiol and e-liquid in France! Strong of its success, it did not delay to diversify by elaborating its own oils but also its cosmetics and edibles with CBD. Beginner or seasoned consumer, lover of sweet flavors or the taste of hemp, you will inevitably be a fan of Greeneo e-liquids...

Perfect for a gentle introduction to CBD vape, Greeneo CBD e-liquids are made with natural CBD, extracted from European organic hemp plant and natural hemp terpenes and fruits. 

As we reserve the "must" of what is done in terms of quality and flavors, we have selected the best-sellers of the brand. Cheap and yet tasty, Greeneo e-liquids that we sell come in several ranges:

  • The range "Truer Than Nature" with the inevitable Amnesai, Lemon Haze and White Window, based on hemp terpenes, largely inspired by the flavors of some iconic varieties and known to all;
  • The "Skuff" range, with the original Skuff and Element Skuff, from a superb combination of Full Spectrum and hemp for an unmatched authentic flavor;
  • The "Booster" range with a neutral tasting CBD Booster, made from CBD isolate diluted in a 100% PG base. 

Greeneo CBD e-liquids use and compatibility: winners on all counts

There's nothing more annoying than buying products that are not enjoyable to use, right? Well, fear not because Greeneo CBD e-liquids are designed to be very easy to handle. Anxious to remove a maximum of constraints for our customers, we have chosen partners who would allow us to go in this direction. You just need to have in your possession a vape system and to add the e-liquid in question in the tank. All e-liquids sold here are compatible with the CBD vaporizers we sell on our website as well as all brands of e-cigarettes.

E-liquids to consume throughout the day: a combination of quality and effectiveness

The dosage will be adjusted according to your preferences but we systematically recommend starting with a very small amount and increase as you go along according to your needs. It is by testing that you will find the ideal dose that will best suit you.

Considered perfectly safe, CBD vaping can be practiced at any time of day. Moreover, Greeneo e-liquids are expressly studied and formulated to bring you the right concentration of cannabidiol in each puff. In this way, you can vapour as usual, with complete peace of mind.

A healthy way to get the most out of CBD

Enjoy the effects of CBD in an accelerated manner with CBD vaping. Consumed through this, the cannabidiol molecule benefits from increased bioavailability. You will then be able to enjoy all that our high quality CBD products have to offer, without having to wait. Moreover, CBD vape avoids combustion and therefore gives you access to a healthy and risk-free alternative to consume cannabidiol.