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Also known as wax or crumble, CBD wax is a concentrated product unlike any other. While it's still not widely used compared to other CBD-based derivatives, wax is a great formula for discovering the full potential of CBD. Indeed, this ultra-concentrated form of CBD deserves to be more widely available, especially to those in need of quick and powerful relaxing effects.

Description of CBD wax

In English, the term "wax" refers to "wax". And for good reason, CBD wax comes in a hardened wax form that is actually crystallized CBD oil. In order to obtain this form of wax, the CBD oil is extracted from the plant and then heated at low temperature. The resulting wax can be dry and crumbly or rather sticky and honeyed.

As the extraction process does not alter the product in any way, CBD wax has the advantage of containing other cannabinoids. Although they are present in small quantities, the other cannabinoids and terpenes help amplify the virtues of hemp and maximize its therapeutic potential. One should not confuse the wax which contains between 60 and 80% of CBD with the crystals which exceed 98% of CBD. The purity of the crystals is so high that it does not leave room for other molecules.

The best part about wax is that it's one of the most concentrated forms of CBD you'll find on the market, with CBD levels that can surpass 80%. Thus, CBD enthusiasts appreciate this product for its excellent value for money, since it only takes a very small dose to feel intense effects.

The benefits of CBD wax

Wax falls under the category of CBD concentrates. As such, the benefits it provides are more intense than with a traditional CBD product. Therefore, one must remain vigilant about the dosage and start with the lowest possible amount in order to increase it gradually. Although there is no risk of overdosing, taking a lot simply reduces the effectiveness of CBD on your body. So be patient, and you'll be surprised by the relaxing effects you can enjoy over the long term.

Among the main benefits of CBD, we find first of all the anti-stress and anti-pain virtues. Naturally, CBD wax can be used to combat chronic stress, anxiety, periods of sadness or intense fatigue, but also mood swings. CBD is a great ally to eliminate mental tension and find a more serene and joyful mind.

Beyond its action on the mental level, CBD is also very well known for soothing pain. Whether they are of muscular, bone or joint origin, chronic pain is often unbearable and can even ruin your daily life. With CBD, you'll see most of your aches and pains fade away and a pleasant feeling of well-being settle throughout your body.

Thanks to its action on the endocannabinoid system, CBD comes to regulate your body and thus readjust your essential functions related to sleep, mood, appetite or even pain. Among its lesser known benefits, CBD is able to protect your brain, your neurons and your cardiovascular system. It can also help you fight addictions such as alcohol and tobacco.

Although CBD wax has interesting properties to soothe your ailments, it can in no way cure you or replace medical treatment. If you suffer from a serious pathology, we recommend that you seek professional advice before changing habits related to your health. Used wisely, CBD can really bring you support, comfort and great relief in your daily life. On a physical and mental level, CBD is ideal for supporting you in a gentle and natural healing process.

The different ways to consume CBD wax

CBD wax is a product that may seem atypical, but rest assured, it is very easy to use. First of all, the first way to consume CBD is to incorporate it into your culinary preparations. To do this, do not forget to add a fat in your recipe to optimize the action of cannabinoids. In an herbal tea or in a dessert, CBD will offer you its benefits after 30 minutes to 1 hour, the time to cross the digestive system.

For those who prefer to smoke, it is quite possible to do so through a vaporizer. Indeed, this medical grade device allows you to inhale a healthy and controlled vapor, without tobacco or combustion. With this method, the relaxing effects occur almost instantly.

For the more experienced, you can also mix your wax with other products such as flowers or CBD oil. Its high concentration helps to enhance the effects of other forms of CBD.