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CBD Wax 66% Sour Diesel 1ML

  • CBD : 66%
  • THC : 0.2%

The intense taste of Wax CBD 66% Sour Diesel

Often compared to the smell of fuel and earth, Sour Diesel wax is unique. With an aftertaste of lemon, it is subtly bitter and pungent. Fans of intense, spicy or woody flavours will love this variety. This Plant of Life brand wax is used in cooking by combining it with a fat. You can then add it to your dishes and drinks. It can also be heated to create a vapour to inhale. To smoke it, it is highly recommended to use a vaporizer provided for this purpose.

The benefits of 66% Sour Diesel CBD wax

In addition to enjoying an original taste experience, you will have a relaxing time using Sour Diesel wax. No matter how you use it, you will benefit from its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. In this form, CBD is more easily assimilated, so we advise you to start with a small amount and then increase it if necessary. In cooking, for more effects, you can boil it before incorporating it into a fatty substance. Increased energy and concentration, muscle relaxation and stress reduction are among the benefits you will experience. Both your mental and physical wellbeing will improve!

Plant of Life, a certified manufacturer

To offer you effective and quality products, the Plant of Life brand extracts the CBD it uses itself. This is produced from hemp plants that have been grown and maintained without the use of chemicals. This method allows the brand to obtain completely natural CBD. In addition, it monitors its plants to ensure that the THC content of its CBD is below 0.2% as required by current legislation. This means that you will not experience any side effects when using this Sour Diesel wax. In this form, you will be able to dose the amount of CBD you want to use more easily, then adjust it using the syringe if needed.

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