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A chewing gum that combines freshness and well-being

These CBD chews from Euphoria are a great choice for cannabidiol and chewing gum lovers. Since they contain cannabis essential oil, you'll be able to smell a distinct hemp aroma.

Pro4You wants to do the right thing, so these Euphoria CBD gums are both sugar-free and THC-free. You can rest assured that you're not at risk of developing an addiction or dependency with them. Take care of your teeth and keep your breath fresh.

Extra relaxation: The best deal for busy people

This gum is perfect for helping you relax, no matter where you are. It can be used to avoid stressful moments at work, in preparation for an exam, or if you have a busy schedule. Some people may also use it before bedtime. Be sure not to get too comfortable and swallow it. Once you feel calm, have something to throw it away.

Peppermint CBD chews taste like peppermint and hemp. They are made from hemp seed oil and natural menthol flavors. Sugar free, with sweeteners. Dosage: 10 mg per gum 100% guaranteed without THC. 25 gums per box. Net weight: 60g. Available in batches of 8 (8 boxes of 25 gums each). Store in a cool dry place for up to 36 months.

CBD is now available in a convenient way. 

It can sometimes be difficult to consume CBD in public because of uninformed or uninformed surroundings or unfavorable settings, such as the office. Euphoria's peppermint chewing gum makes it easy to suck down a dose without anyone noticing. Each tablet is individually wrapped to ensure maximum shelf life. It can be easily slipped into a purse or pocket.

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