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CBD Wax 66% Chocoloco 1ML

  • CBD : 66%
  • THC : 0.2%

Description of 66% Chocoloco wax 1ML

Do you love the smell of hemp and the taste of chocolate? You'll love the Chocoloco CBD wax, specially designed for lovers of sweet and chocolatey flavours. Before you get into this form of concentrate, it's important to know that the Chocoloco hemp variety is the result of a clever blend between Thai Sativa and Chocolope Haze. Naturally, Chocoloco has inherited the chocolate and sweet caramel notes of its parents.The benefits of Chocoloco are

The benefits of Chocoloco CBD wax

In order to make the highest quality wax, only the best plants from Chocoloco have been carefully selected. Manufactured according to the rules of the art and in the greatest respect of the European standards in force, Chocoloco CBD wax has a THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) level always lower than 0.2%. This way, you will not suffer from any psychoactive or sedative effects when consuming this product. With Chocoloco 66% CBD wax, only the therapeutic benefits of cannabis are available to you.

Note that wax is a highly concentrated CBD product and with its 66% content, you will only need a small amount to experience intense relaxing effects. As such, this type of concentrated product is particularly recommended for experienced users looking for a powerful and effective CBD product.

The consumption patterns of Chocoloco CBD wax

CBD wax can be consumed through a quality vaporizer provided for this purpose. The advantage of the vaporizer is that it heats the product without burning it. This way, you can enjoy a healthy and controlled smoke, without tobacco or combustion.

You can also incorporate CBD wax into your cooking preparations. To do this, always remember to add a fat to your dish or drink to release the active ingredients of CBD and maximise its benefits. Thanks to its sweet and chocolatey notes, the Chocoloco variety of CBD lends itself ideally to the preparation of a warm and comforting herbal tea to get you through the winter.

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