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Description of Wax CBD Blueberry 66% 1 ML

Wax CBD Blueberry 66% is a hardened wax containing a high level of cannabidiol, made from hemp flowers of the Blueberry variety. The plants are carefully selected for their quality and grown using natural methods. They thus offer pronounced authentic flavors and are rich in cannabinoids. 

Wax is a product particularly concentrated in active ingredients and its relaxing effects are thus increased tenfold. It allows you to benefit from all the therapeutic and soothing properties of hemp, in a product containing minute levels of THC, guaranteed below the legal limits. The Plant of Life brand offers you here a product without any psychotropic effect, perfectly safe and of the best quality. The high level of CBD allows rapid relaxing effects.

This Wax reveals a bouquet of remarkable aromas, with flavors of berries and citrus, enhanced by more woody notes and a touch of spice.

The benefits of Wax CBD Blueberry 66% 1 ML

The high concentration of CBD in Wax Blueberry allows you to quickly benefit from all the properties of cannabidiol. 

CBD is indeed known for its many benefits on physical and psychological ailments. It is a legal product, with no side effects and no risk of addiction. It brings comfort to people with chronic diseases, because it acts on pain receptors. Its anti-inflammatory properties are interesting for patients suffering from rheumatism, osteoarthritis, multiple sclerosis or even fibromyalgia. It brings muscle relaxation, helps reduce spasms and painful contractions. It also appears to have positive effects on epilepsy and the treatment of seizures.

In addition, many studies show the favorable impact of CBD on serious psychic disorders such as personality disorders, depression, anxiety attacks, symptoms of post-traumatic shock or obsessive-compulsive disorders. It reduces the effects of stress and anxiety and helps to improve well-being and serenity.

It has also shown its interest in supporting smoking cessation or in the fight against addictions. 

How to consume Wax Blueberry 66% 1 ML?

Plant of Life CBD Blueberry Wax is marketed in a syringe container. It allows you a simplified use. You can in fact take the desired quantity of Wax with great precision and without loss of product.

Depending on the ambient temperature, it may be difficult to operate the plunger, as the wax solidifies. You can heat the syringe slightly in your hands or put it in hot water to make it easier to use by softening the product.

The Wax is not consumed pure and never in its solid form. You can heat it to incorporate it into recipes, add it to a drink, or inhale its vapors. 

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