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Characteristics of Wax CBD Cookie 66% 1 ML

Wax is one of the forms in which CBD is marketed. This hardened wax is the result of an extraction carried out on CBD oil and the production process makes it possible to obtain a product highly concentrated in cannabidiol. The Wax CBD Cookie from the Plant Of Life brand contains 66% CBD and has gourmet aromas with cookie flavors. 

Made from natural hemp plants, Wax is not a narcotic product and it has no psychotropic effect since its THC content remains below 0.2% as required by current legislation. The consumer only benefits from the benefits and relaxing effects of the plant, without risk.

Plant of life is a company committed to the quality of its products and it carries out rigorous controls to guarantee a top-of-the-range Wax, produced from hemp plants grown in a natural and environmentally friendly way. 

The properties of Wax CBD Cookie 66% 1 ML

CBD is used for its relaxing and therapeutic effects, both on the body and on the mind and psychological balance. With the Wax its properties are increased tenfold thanks to the high concentration of cannabidiol.

Studies carried out on CBD have shown its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties to relieve the painful symptoms of diseases such as osteoarthritis, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia or even chronic diseases linked to a pronounced inflammatory state such as ankylosing spondylitis .

Cannabidiol has also shown its interest in accompanying periods of tobacco withdrawal and its positive impact in the fight against addictions, in particular those to opiates. It helps reduce the harmful effects of stress and regulate mood. It has interesting effects in cases of personality disorders, post-traumatic syndrome, anxiety, depression, sleep disorders and particularly insomnia. It further shows promising neuroleptic effects, especially as an antipsychotic.

How to use Wax Cookie 66% 1ML?

CBD Wax should never be consumed in its solid or pure form. You can either:

  • use it by practicing “dabbing” or dabbing, i.e. by applying a very small dose of wax to a solid surface heated to a very high temperature (a glass or ceramic dishes for example) and inhaling the vaporized product as well. This is the most popular consumption technique for Wax enthusiasts, also called CBD Dab Wax. 

  • consume it by inhalation with an e-cigarette after heating a small amount and then mixing it with an e-liquid.

  • ingest it by incorporating it into a recipe or mixing it with a drink. Its sweet cookie flavors will be perfect for making gourmet pastries. With this method of consumption, you will have to mix a little Wax with a fatty substance so that the active ingredients are distributed in the drink or the dish.

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