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CBD Wax 66% OG Kush 1ML

  • CBD : 66%
  • THC : 0.2%

Description of CBD 66% OG Kush 1ML wax

Well known for the mysteries and legends that surround it, OG Kush is certainly one of the most famous hemp varieties in the world. And for good reason, everyone has heard of OG Kush and, generally, everyone loves it while no one really knows its origin. According to experts and hemp lovers, OG Kush is a genetic cross between ChemDawg, Lemon Thai and Pakistani Kush. This would explain the richness of its fragrance and flavours in the mouth!

From now on, you will be able to taste OG Kush in a more concentrated version that is CBD wax. This is a natural product extracted from hemp that is highly concentrated in CBD. Ultimately, an ideal product for discerning consumers looking for a powerful CBD product to soothe their everyday ailments.

The benefits of OG Kush CBD wax

The wax CBD 66% OG Kush can be used to relieve physical pain, to release mental tension, to fight stress and anxiety, to regain a deep and restful sleep, or to promote appetite. Indeed, CBD is packed with benefits for your health and this concentrated format is perfect for exploring them all.

In addition, this product does not present any risk to your health since the THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) level is always less than 0.2%, in accordance with European standards. You will therefore be able to enjoy the multiple therapeutic benefits of hemp, without any psychoactive or sedative effects.

Consumption patterns of OG Kush CBD wax

To consume CBD wax, you can use a vaporizer provided for this purpose. With this method, you will enjoy a healthy and controlled smoke, free of tobacco and combustion.

If you don't have this equipment at hand, you can consume CBD wax in an even easier way, by incorporating it directly into your cooking preparations. To do this, don't forget to add a little fat to your herbal tea or cake to optimise the action of the cannabinoids.

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