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Greenhouse Amnesia CBD Flowers

The mythical Amnesia is no longer really to present. It represents one of the pillars of hemp plants all over the world. Everything about her pleases: appearance, flavors, effects... Amnesia is at the top of the list of must-haves in the world of CBD. So you understand that this one, you market it without difficulty!

CBD Flower Description Greenhouse Amnesia

Amnesia is the most old-school strain we know. It dates from the 1970s and comes from hemp HQ, that is, California. The Amnesia Greenhouse CBD flower comes from a hybridization of Swiss cannabis expert growers, which is a guarantee of quality that should not be overlooked. If you are wondering why it is the flagship product of all CBD shops, well the reason is simple. The favorite flower of CBD insiders is rich in intoxicating aromas and it strikes the perfect balance between energizing flower and calming flower, which is rare to find in CBD flowers. 

A characteristic of sativas that results in an impressive potency and high that users cannot do without after trying it.

The flavors of CBD Greenhouse Amnesia

Flower The magnificent flowers of the Amnesia Greenhouse flower are voluminous in size and impressively dense. Of a frank green, they are equipped with brown pistils and translucent trichomes essential for the expected effects. Its lemony and woody taste is both acid and acrid. An original blend but pleasant on the palate. By consuming the Amnesia flower, we also feel the earthy and natural side of the hemp plant, with in particular sweet notes of pine or cedar which accentuate its already very unique flavor.

The benefits of CBD Greenhouse Amnesia flower

The benefits of Greenhouse Amnesia flower are most enjoyable. Indeed, the flower is stimulating, like other sativas, but also relaxing. It calms unnecessary anger and tension, can also act on depressive states and everyday anxieties, like a real anxiolytic. Its consumption promises to spend a good day serene and calm. It is consumed during the day as well as in the evening and can be renewed several times in the same day.

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