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Flower of CBD Indoor Caramel Greenhouse

CBD flower An original CBD flower, to have in your inventory to surprise your customers, the Indoor Caramel Greenhouse is a soft and very pleasant flower to consume all day long. It is ideal to start your consumption of CBD flowers and offers a modern hybrid version of hemp, with delicious flavors of honey and caramel.

The Caramel Greenhouse Indoor CBD Flower Variety

The buds of the Caramel Greenhouse hemp flower have a very typical indica shape with small, firmly rolled inward leaves. The flower is basil green in color and is enveloped in orange and brown pistils. It is also covered with light white trichomes with a thousand reflections. This greenhouse-grown indoor hemp strain is carefully bred to provide all the properties that CBD flowers are known for.

The flavors of CBD Flower Indoor Caramel Greenhouse

CBD flower Caramel Greenhouse is a variety appreciated for its flavors that intertwine Skunk and spices, with strong sweet notes that are very pleasant to the palate. Its unique candy taste delights all types of CBD consumers. Its taste is not surprising, it is a gourmet flower with an intense, sweet and caramelized taste. When consumed, you can clearly distinguish notes of caramel, honey and coffee.

The benefits of Indoor Caramel Greenhouse CBD

flower The Caramel Greenhouse flower is an energizing and powerful flower that promises long moments of serenity to its consumer. Indeed, despite its sweetness, the flower is intense and provides a capacity for concentration and relaxation at the same time. It is ideal to consume during the day or after a day of work. It is one of the flowers that make you happy and jovial while remaining yourself. At the physical level, the Caramel Greenhouse is a product that relaxes the muscles without overdoing it. A perfect combo to continue your day without being too soft.

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