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CBD Super Afghan resin 40%

  • CBD : 40%
  • THC : 0.13%
  • Poids : 200g

Characteristics of Super Afghan 40% CBD Resin

If you are looking for a powerful and effective CBD resin, Super Afghan 40% is the one for you! Praised by CBD enthusiasts for its pronounced effects and relaxing properties, it offers a high concentration of cannabidiol and allows you to take full advantage of all its therapeutic benefits in record time. These characteristics make it one of the most popular CBD resins on the market.

Its unique production method preserves the power of terpenes and all the properties of hemp. The resin obtained has a creamy and supple texture, which makes it very easy to use. Particularly fragrant, it reveals a very marked scent of lavender and spices. Its aromatic bouquet is complex and mixes soft, but robust aromas.

Its marketing is perfectly legal, because with its THC level of less than 0.2%, it has no psychoactive properties.

It is an organic product, containing 40% CBD.

The properties of Super Afghan 40% CBD resin

This product offers fast and intense effects and allows you to enjoy all the benefits of the hemp plant thanks to its high concentration of cannabidiol. 

You thus benefit from all the therapeutic and relaxing effects of CBD with a natural product, without side effects and without risk of addiction. CBD Super Afghan Resin 40% thus allows you to significantly reduce the effects of stress, anxiety symptoms and panic attacks. It has recognized properties on many psychological conditions such as post-traumatic syndromes, mood disorders or obsessive-compulsive disorders.

It also has a favorable impact on neurological disorders, depression, certain psychoses, chronic pain, epileptic seizures, inflammatory conditions or sleep disorders. In addition, CBD is used to support smoking cessation and can help fight addictions, especially to opiates. 

The use of super Afghan 40%

CBD resin CBD resin can be consumed in many ways. You can vaporize it, inhale it, infuse it or add it to culinary preparations and ingest it.

Inhaling and vaporizing allows you to benefit from the effects of CBD very quickly. If you choose to consume it as an infusion, you will have to take a piece, grind it without reducing it completely to powder. Put a fatty substance in your hot water, before adding your resin. You can use coconut oil, butter or milk. Whatever your choice, the fatty substance chosen must dissolve completely. This will indeed allow the CBD to be distributed in the drink and acts as an active ingredient. Leave to infuse for ten minutes and you can filter the fat before tasting if you wish. You can also add a little honey or sugar or even other herbs like lemon balm or lemongrass without altering the properties of the CBD.

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