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A CBD oil for dogs adapted to soothe your pet

CBD oil is a natural product, used more and more frequently by dog ​​owners to fight against pain, diseases and improve their mood by soothing their anxiety. Many veterinarians also recommend its use for a variety of purposes. Studies conducted on its use attest to its effectiveness in reducing pain and symptoms of various chronic diseases, to improve the behavior of anxious dogs and testify to an overall positive effect of CBD on animals.

This oil is composed of cannabidiol, a cannabinoid naturally present in cannabis and extracted from the head of the plant. On the other hand, this product does not contain TCH and therefore has no psychoactive properties. As a result, it does not induce any risk of addiction and it is not toxic. Moreover, it does not cause any side effects.

We offer you here a certified organic CBD oil, to allow you to offer your dog the possibility of benefiting from the therapeutic properties of CBD with a healthy and natural quality product.

The properties of CBD oil for dogs 4% - 10ml

The benefits of using CBD in dogs are numerous and sometimes surprising. CBD oil does not cure serious and chronic illnesses, but it brings significant comfort to life and reduces daily painful symptoms in a sometimes spectacular way.

Here are the documented benefits of CBD oil for dogs:

  • CBD has pain-relieving effects and anti-inflammatory properties. The studies conducted show that its use improves the comfort of life by reducing pain. Cannabidiol is known to stimulate cannabinoid receptors in the body and brain, which helps maintain overall balance in the body. It therefore acts on the endocannabinoid system, which is an essential element in the control of inflammatory states. Finally, it has anti-rigidity effects and reduces edema, which also reduces painful sensations in dogs.

  • CBD has calming effects on anxiety and manifestations of anxiety in dogs. Many situations can cause stress to your animal such as transport, your absence, a move or a noisy environment. The use of CBD oil brings relief, relaxation and calm.

  • The use of CBD oil also appears to have positive effects on dogs' appetite and digestion. When your pet gets old, stressed, sick or injured, it can have a negative impact on his appetite and therefore on his general condition. Studies show that the use of CBD can increase feed intake, thus impacting healing and improving the condition of the animal.

The use of CBD oil in addition to drug treatment therefore makes it possible to support the effects of the latter by relieving pain. It is also an ally to accompany the changes in the life of your animal.

Tips for using CBD oil for dogs

Here we offer you an oil with a concentration of 4%, which is perfectly suitable for your dog. The dosage to be administered varies according to the weight and size of your animal, its condition and its level of tolerance. 

The dosage details the doses and we recommend that you start with small amounts, then gradually increase if necessary every 5 days according to your observations, without ever exceeding the maximum recommended doses.

CBD oil can be given to your dog directly by mouth or mixed into their food.

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