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CBD Oil for Small Animals 3% - 10ml

  • CBD : 3%
  • THC : 0%

Description CBD Oil for Small Animals 3% - 10 ml

Here is the ideal CBD oil to relieve pain and neurological disorders in small animals. This product is 100% natural and organically grown. It is perfectly suitable for rodents and small pet mammals.

The CBD oil is a natural product that is 100% natural and organically grown.

With its exceptional therapeutic properties, this CBD oil for small animals is the preferred natural product for pet owners who want their pets to be less stressed, less anxious and more comfortable in their small bodies. In the end, they access a better quality of life and are in a better mood.

Designed specifically for small animals, this CBD oil is very convenient and easy to use. It works quickly with effects in just a few minutes after ingestion. Finally, this CBD oil is suitable for all types of small mammals.

Natural Benefits of CBD Oil for Small Animals

With this CBD oil for small animals, owners will be able to relieve their adorable little pets in many ways.

Here are the benefits of CBD for small animals:

  • Decreased anxiety, stress, panic attacks
  • Regulation of neurological disorders
  • Lulling of chronic pain (animal arthritis)
  • Powerful analgesic effect
  • Soothing any type of internal inflammation
  • Soothes hematomas and blisters
  • Antioxidant effect
  • Decreases cellular aging
  • Active fight against nausea and digestive problems
  • Stimulates appetite, balances diet
  • Powerful anti-tick or flea repellent
  • Effective anti-parasite
  • Food supplement containing carbohydrates, omega, fatty acids, amino acids, lipids, antioxidants.

With this CBD oil, owners of small animals and mammals will be able to help them have better days, a better mood and feel better about their bodies. This CBD oil is THC free, side effect free and non-addictive.

How to use CBD oil on small animals

Administer CBD oil for small animals directly orally or through food by adding a few drops of CBD to their food.

This 3% CBD oil contains 1.75 mg of CBD per drop. Multiply the pet's weight by 0.75 to find the ideal daily mg dosage for your pet, then divide that number by 1.75 to find out how many drops that is.

Each pet reacts differently to CBD.

Every pet reacts differently, so it is recommended to start with small doses and increase as you go along, depending on your pet's reactions.

The effects on cats appear after 30-45 min and dissipate within 5 hours of consumption.

10ml bottle.

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