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Milk Chocolate 12MG CBD

The sweetness of milk chocolate with impunity...

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The new trend for a little gourmet pleasure with multiple benefits

The Euphoria brand wanted to combine the tenderness of milk chocolate and the benefits of CBD in a single bar. 100% pleasure, 100% indulgence, this treat will quickly become a must-have for your relaxing sweet breaks.

In addition to providing great taste satisfaction, this little tasty treat will help you reduce stress and relieve various ailments you may be suffering from, such as pain, inflammation or even nausea, thanks to the potential therapeutic action of CBD.

Your palate won't be the only one saying thank you!

The anti blues remedy that works every time

A little bit of a slump? A drop in morale? Bring yourself all the comfort you need with this milk chocolate with therapeutic properties.

As we always want to offer the best to our Pro4you customers, we have selected a premium quality product, with 31% milk chocolate, 10% hemp seeds and 12 mg CBD. Take this non-psychotropic relaxing tablet with you everywhere. This is a premium novelty that will impress you with its delicious taste and neat design. Perfect for giving as a gift or keeping at home.

You can also enjoy it as a gift.

You can also indulge in a cannabidiol-based recipe by adding this CBD milk chocolate to one of your favourite desserts. Otherwise, just enjoy it as is, any time of the day (or night!).

Enjoy a relaxing break at work or at home and say goodbye to foul moods!

This product is available in packs of 15 units. Its shelf life is 12 months.

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