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Cannabis & CBD Chewing Gums - 12 mg

You'll be blown away by the freshness of these chewing gums that are as relaxing as they are refreshing! Enriched with CBD and with a great cannabis taste, they will give you the fresh and wellness touch you need during the day.

If you're tired of chewing mediocre quality chewing gum with a completely mundane mint texture and flavour that quickly loses its taste, your ordeal is soon over! You are right, there is no longer any point in continuing to consume such chewing gums when you could opt for dragées that are both delicious and tasty, with an original fragrance and 100% relaxing virtues.

Because of its 12 mg CBD dosage, the soothing effect sets in after about 15 minutes of chewing. These types of chewing gums are perfect for people who want to have their first experience with CBD products without taking too many risks.

They are also ideal for people who want to have a good taste of CBD.

With their very convenient and discreet packaging, always keep a pack of CBD chewing gums in your bag or pocket. Consume alone or share with friends, colleagues and family members. We all know someone who could use a little relaxation...

Legally boundary-pushing gum

Produced by Euphoria, THE Czech brand specialising in forbidden flavours such as coca leaf, vodka flavouring or even cannabis, these chewing gums are based on light cannabis and CBD. You know, this molecule naturally present in cannabis, known for its numerous therapeutic properties? Relaxing, soothing, painkiller, energizer, anti-inflammatory etc., all in one chewing gum, how about that?

One pack contains 12 hemp flavoured chewing gums, enriched with CBD. Sugar free, with sweeteners. Dosage of 12 mg per gum. Guaranteed 100% THC free. Net weight: 17 g. Available in packs of 12. Store in a cool, dry place. Consume within 36 months.

A tip: always carry a pack in your bag or jacket pocket and be prepared for any occasion.

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