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Anti-Pollution Face Cream with Hemp Oil

Preserve your face with this hemp oil anti-pollution cream

For intense skin nourishment and hydration, use this hemp oil cream from Nerobi. As well as restoring radiance to your face, it detoxifies it. It is the 100% concentrated hemp oil it contains that gives it this beneficial action. In addition, its richness in omega-3, omega-6 and vitamins provides deep nourishment for your skin. After having naturally rid your skin of volatile waste contained in the air, this anti-pollution cream also has an anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory action that will help relieve skin problems. The latter will be protected, luminous and healthy!

The essential hemp oil anti-pollution cream for your beauty routine

You can include this hemp oil anti-pollution cream in your routine as a replacement for the one you usually use. It integrates easily and is suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive. Used in the morning, it rehydrates your face while creating a barrier to protect it from external aggressions. Particularly useful for people who live in an urban environment, it keeps your skin soft all day long! After applying it, you can continue your routine or start your day. To make it penetrate faster, you can massage your skin for a few seconds.

The special features of Nerobi brand products

The French brand Nerobi has the ambition to offer quality products based on hemp. It has chosen to integrate this plant into cosmetics for its many benefits. These include its nutrient-rich composition, which nourishes the skin, and its soothing action. Inside the brand's cosmetics is high quality concentrated hemp oil. The oil is extracted from hemp seeds grown in a sustainable agriculture in Italy. It allows the full richness of the hemp to be extracted before being used with other ingredients to create the perfect product.

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