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Chocolate CBD Biscuits, Cramberry, Cookies Classic.

Premium quality light cannabis cookies at unbelievable prices...

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More fun and indulgent consumption

Let yourself be tempted by these delicious premium quality legal cannabis cookies from Euphoria. Made with only natural ingredients, these biscuits are free of any trace of THC. So you won't have to worry about suffering any psychoactive effects after consuming one of them.

Packaged in an attractive bottle, containing 50g of cannabis cookies and 3g of cannabis herbs as decoration. Available in packs of 12. Store in a cool, dry place. To be consumed over a period of up to 12 months.

Choose the flavour that appeals to you most from the following three:

  • Mary & Juana Cookies, Classic, for a natural cereal and hemp taste. Packaging and contents: 50 gram bottle with 3 grams of cannabis herb;
  • Mary & Juana cookies, Cranberry, for a fruity and tangy treat. Packaging and contents: 50 gram bottle with 3 grams of cannabis herbs;
  • Mary & Juana cookies, Chocolate, for a cocoa flavour mixed with hemp. Packaging and contents: 50 gram bottle with 3 grams of cannabis herbs.

Enjoy the comforting effects of a gourmet break with the bonus of the relaxing and soothing properties of cannabidiol. Thanks to the perfectly balanced composition of these high-quality cookies, you will have the chance to experience the positive effects of light cannabis more or less quickly.

Stimulate your well-being with a discreet and gourmet consumption of tasty, high-quality cannabis cookies. Happiness at a lower cost!

What are the benefits of CBD-Food?

In addition to its soothing properties, hemp is also prized for its great nutritional qualities, which give it a prime spot among the superfoods in vogue at the moment. Hemp seeds contain as many fatty acids as flax seeds. Rich in omega-3, their regular consumption considerably improves anxiety management, sleep disorders or muscle recovery.

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